The number one cause of death in the United States is still unintentional injuries. Of those unintentional injuries, motor vehicle accidents are second most common throughout the lifespan. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common accident leading to death between ages five and twenty four. For those age twenty five and older, motor vehicle accidents are the second type of accident leading to death. The more time an individual spends on the road, the greater the chance of them being in an accident.

Workplace related motor vehicle accidents killed 1299 people in 2017.

Those who have long commutes or drive for a living are at increased risk of being in a motor vehicle crash. Workplace related motor vehicle accidents killed 1299 people in 2017. For every motor vehicle death, eight additional people are hospitalized and ninety nine are treated and released from emergency departments.

The importance of wearing safety belts and avoiding distractions while driving can not be overstated. This is true for all of us, but particularly those who spend more time driving. Cell phones are a common distraction among drivers.

The rate of seat belt use varies widely between states.

Many people get in their car and drive down the road without a thought as to the risk they are exposed to because driving is a normalized behavior. Seat belt use varies widely between states from a low of 67% in South Dakota to 97% in Washington and Oregon. Distracted driving is harder to get statistics on, but is a contributor in a significant number of motor vehicle accidents. In 2017 alone, distracted driving led to 3166 deaths.

Addressing the statistics with your employees in a fun way can help bring this reality to light. Asking employees to take a pledge to wear their seat belt and illuminate distractions while driving can save lives. Here is a graphic that you can use to engage your employees about this important topic at your next safety talk. Check out the map to learn how your state is doing on use of seat belts.