The needs assessment process starts with you! What do you need and want out of a health program? What do your people need and want? These two questions make up the foundation of any effective program, but the learning should not stop there. We also need to look at where you currently are relative to those outcomes, what resources you want to dedicate to moving closer to your goals, and what timeline you are looking at?

A comprehensive needs assessment will gather data on your people’s needs and wants through subjective and objective measurements. We need to know the health risks as well as the stressors they currently face. It should also work within the limits of your current reality as a leader. There are dozens, if not more, reasons for a leader to prioritize certain aspects of programs first. Deciding what is right for your people, is up to you, we are here to provide insight into nuances of human well-being and how optimizing that can add value to your organization.

Some examples of tools we may use in a needs assessment include:

  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Validated self-report instruments
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Health Screenings

If you are interested in learning more about the process of needs assessment or optimizing your people’s well-being, please reach out to us.