Mindful Eating, and Intuitive Eating, a related concept, are based around the idea of paying attention to your food and your body’s reaction to eating. Intuitive eating is a broader concept that also includes using nutritional knowledge without judgement.

You are what you eat choose to be

Mindful Eating requires eating without distraction. This isn’t always possible, because life gets busy, but if you’ve been eating most of your meals while driving or in front of a screen, prioritizing one meal a day to focus on the experience can bring about a lot of positive changes to your health.

Advancing to Intuitive eating requires detaching the emotional tags from particular foods, making choices without self judgement, and eating for physical rather than emotional reasons.

“Doughnuts are bad; if I eat doughnuts I am bad”

Doughnuts are mostly carbs and fat; I eat them sometimes

Health, food, and especially diet trends come and go. Most trends are either based on research that has been taken out of context, or not based on any sound nutritional information. Resist the urge to jump head first into the latest diet craze, especially if it requires cutting out whole food groups, promises unrealistic results, or claims to be the only fix to whatever it is that ails you. There is a lot of nutrition knowledge out there; dig in, but take it all with a pinch of salt.

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