A short reflection from our founder

Have you ever looked up the definition of health? Maybe Googled the word? Go ahead… I’ll wait

Think about what it is that is important to you in your life. Relationships, career, personal achievement, social recognition, hobbies…. How far down your list do you start to identify avoiding negative outcomes. If its in the top ten, I encourage you to read this.

You can live a healthy life and not live a life of meaning or fulfillment. Have you ever known someone who eats perfectly? You’ve never seen them have a sweet, they count calories everyday, pack meals to all social engagements just in case there is nothing that fits their definition of healthy food. Does it seem like they are eating well? Does it seem like they are living well?

I’m not digging on anyone who is trying to improve their diet, eating whole nutritious food is an important and worthwhile endeavor.

The point is, there is more to life than hiding from dread… or treats

Most things exist on a continuum. We are not exclusively healthy or not, but we are dynamic beings moving through endless possibilities. This necessitates choice.

Wellness, in contrast to health, includes elements of awareness, intention, choice, and fulfillment. It also recognizes realms beyond physical health…. for example mental and social well being. There’s debate on the number of dimensions of wellness that exist.

I’m much less interested in living a healthy life than I am in a life well lived.

Taking care of our physical health is an important component of a life well lived. So to is fostering our mental and emotional states, prioritizing healthy relationships, managing our financial matters and making safe choices.

I try to fit fruit or veggies in at most meals, and prioritize activity. In the last several years, I’ve prioritized my social, and mental and emotional well-being more. I use sunscreen as often as I remember (working on that), but I’m not just trying to avoid disease; I’m living with purpose.

Surrounding myself with people who make me feel alive, having meaningful conversations (even the hard ones, maybe especially the hard ones), helping others, allowing myself to experience complex emotions and vulnerability. These things bring meaning to my life. I hope to share them with others.

Progress, not perfection. Enjoy the journey, because the only destination that is guaranteed is the one we all go to.