Scarf, Dust Mask, N-95: Some things to consider.

As businesses reopen, many employers are looking for ways to protect their employees and their customers. Masks are one strategy. A mask does two things. First, it protects the wearer from breathing in virus someone else is shedding. Second, if we are carrying the virus unknowingly, a mask can protect others. Virus is often transmitting… Read More

Hearty Banana Nut Bread

High fiber bread with a bit of extra protein. Dry Ingredients 1 ½ C oat flour1 C almond flour6 T ground flax seed2 scoops vanilla whey protein powder 1 t baking soda ½ T cinnamon 1 C chopped walnuts1 T rolled oats (optional) Wet Ingredients 1 C unsweetened apple sauce2 ripe bananas ½ T vanilla… Read More

Trust, Stress, Employee Health and Business Outcomes

How do we define trust? It’s not often that you hear the importance of trust discussed with regard to business outcomes. It’s even less common with regard to individual health outcomes. But trust is integral to both. Likewise, business outcomes and employee health impact each other. If employees are overly stressed, or experiencing other health… Read More

Social Determinants of Health in the Workplace.

A growing movement in public health is looking at psycho-social, political, and economic conditions’ influence on health. This has been termed an “upstream approach” in line with a public health story about people falling off a waterfall in a river. In this story, one rescuer leaves the scene to run upstream when the number of… Read More

The Most Dangerous Thing We All Do

The number one cause of death in the United States is still unintentional injuries. Of those unintentional injuries, motor vehicle accidents are second most common throughout the lifespan. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common accident leading to death between ages five and twenty four. For those age twenty five and older, motor vehicle accidents… Read More

I don’t want to live a healthy life

A short reflection from our founder Have you ever looked up the definition of health? Maybe Googled the word? Go ahead… I’ll wait Think about what it is that is important to you in your life. Relationships, career, personal achievement, social recognition, hobbies…. How far down your list do you start to identify avoiding negative… Read More

Mindful Eating, Smart Choices, and Trends

Mindful Eating, and Intuitive Eating, a related concept, are based around the idea of paying attention to your food and your body’s reaction to eating. Intuitive eating is a broader concept that also includes using nutritional knowledge without judgement. You are what you eat choose to be Mindful Eating requires eating without distraction. This isn’t… Read More