For parents on your list

Parents are often putting their little ones first and may put off making time for themselves or each other if they are a couple. Helping them to prioritize their own self-care or revisit their romantic relationship with the spouse can benefit their emotional and mental health. Tip: most of these come with a babysitting pass for during the activity from yours truly 😉

  1. Movie tickets
  2. Cleaning services – purchased or by yours truly
  3. Restaurant gift certificate
  4. A spa gift certificate
  5. Babysitting punch pass (NO COST but your time)
  6. Cooked meals at their home
  7. A gift card to take a class together
  8. A gift card to do any activity together (museum, theater, putting range, bowling etc.)

Activities you can do together

We are all stretched for time this holiday season. We want to be able to see everyone and spend quality time with them, but sometimes its just not possible. Maybe there is someone on your list who is very important to but you know the two of you won’t get as much time together as you would like during the holiday season. You can get tickets to do an activity together and schedule the activity for after the holidays. Doing things with those close to us is beneficial for our social and emotional health.

  1. Cooking class
  2. Museum passes
  3. Concert tickets
  4. An art class (painting, pottery, dance, picture framing etc.)
  5. A hobby or skills class (gardening, photoshop, etc.)
  6. Rent equipment for something you’ve never tried (SUP, kayaking, snowshoeing etc.)

For the environmentally conscious person

When we acknowledge the things that are important to our loved ones we are telling them, “I see you, as you are, I want to support you, and I care about the things that are important to you”. This is good for our social, emotional, and environmental health. Our environmental health is acknowledging we are part of something greater than ourselves and respecting our environments. This is expressed differently by different people, but here are some ideas for the person on your list that gets excited about composting or reducing their carbon footprint.

  1. Beeswax paper – substitute for plastic wrap and plastic bags
  2. Toilet paper from recycled material – No2 and whogivesacrap are a couple brands to think about. Both come with zero plastic in their packaging and both deliver to your doorstep
  3. Bamboo toilet paper – see number 2
  4. A compostable, or recycled materials toothbrush – BOGO brush donates one toothbrush to someone in need for every one purchased. They have compostable and recycled material toothbrushes.
  5. A pack of LED lightbulbs – seriously.
  6. Wool yarn.  
  7. A sewing kit or supplies

For the outdoor enthusiast on your list

Nature exposure has been shown to have benefits for our mental health. And when we are active in nature, our physical health benefits also. Help make your outdoor enthusiast’s adventures safer and more fun by getting them something that supports their passion.

  1. A mini first aid kit
  2. A lightweight water filter
  3. A high quality headlamp
  4. A subscription to a trails app such as trailforks
  5. A reusable canteen
  6. Light weight rain jacket
  7. Hats
  8. A water backpack
  9. Zinc sunscreen
  10. Trail safety and emergency preparedness course

For the active person on your list

If you have an athlete on your list, they already prioritize their physical health. That’s great! Check these out to support them in that pursuit, or consider something from the other lists that might help them with a different dimension of their health that they would appreciate.

  1. High quality socks
  2. Active wear (with gift receipt)
  3. Heart rate monitor
  4. Gift cards to stores they frequent (most sports wear gets pretty specific and lots of things (think running shoes) are very individual
  5. Their favorite on-the-go snacks (trail mix, oat bars, dried fruit, lean jerky)
  6. An exercise journal
  7. A cookbook with easy and/or quick recipes
  8. Ask them to share their favorite activity with you. People who love a thing usually love sharing that thing with others.

For the pet owner on your list

We have known for some time now that there are tangible health benefits to having a pet. Pet owners having higher life expectancies and better emotional health. Acknowledging this very important aspect of a pet parent’s life is an extremely sweet gesture.

  1. Doggy training classes
  2. Paw wax – for walking the furry friends when there is snow (or ice melt) on sidewalks
  3. Patyourpet gloves – help minimize furballs in all the corners of the house. These gloves are awesome for our shedding friends.
  4. Dog (or cat) first aid course
  5. A pet photo album
  6. Pet sitting pass (by yours truly or to their favorite place)

What healthy gifts have you gotten or received that you love!?